Hello 2018 (a little late)

2018-01-28 11.47.53 1.jpg

This January more so than ever before feels like turning a page for me, and although I’m not one for resolutions I feel like to start as I mean to go on I should share with you some hopes for the year ahead, after a quick look back on the one just gone.

Last September I enrolled on an evening course in Jewellery Making at Leeds Arts University that would change everything for me. Having graduated from the Uni’s Furniture Making Degree a couple of years previous, I was really missing education (why can’t I just be an eternal art student?!) and signed up for a short course to quench my thirst for learning.

At the end of the first class I felt elated. I know that sounds a touch dramatic, but it’s the truth. My eyes were opened to the possibility of exploring the concepts that excite me, with minimal space and tools, and on such an intimate scale that appealed deeply to my pensive side. I went home, ordered a handful of tools online, and the rest is history.

Simultaneously, I was spending every spare minute I had outside of full time employment converting a battered old campervan into a little home on wheels with my boyfriend. The intended use evolved from being a cosy weekend getaway bus, to being a full time live in vehicle, which I spent the second half of last year traveling around in with my man, taking it slow, seeing beautiful places, and making jewellery. Another completely unexpected turn of events, that is still so unbelievable in my mind it’s hard to put into words the positive impact the trip has had on my life and way of thinking. Maybe by this time next year I’ll be able to cohesively collate my reflections on that whole awesome experience of hand building a vehicle, and then living in it for 6 months. But for now I’ve skidded so quickly back into the ‘real world’ I haven’t had much time to digest it!

I start this year in a new home, in a new town that I’ve always dreamt of living in, with the definitely terrifying but exciting prospect of tackling self-employment, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings. If last year is anything to go by, I’ll be looking back, not quite able to digest all the things that can be achieved if you put fear aside for long enough to put your mind to it.

I’ve made a mega list of specific things I want to aim for on both a personal and professional level, but all considered I feel they basically steer towards this, which I’m going to adopt as my motto for 2018.

Live more simply, more consciously and more ethically.

To everyone who has followed, liked, commented, shared, or bought from me in the last year, I’m so thankful for your support towards my little seedling of a business, and excited to see it grow this coming year and hopefully for many more to come!

Searlait McCrea