My Month in Pictures


This time last month I made a vow to 'Blog Regularly' (along with other things which you can read here), and yet a month down and I am yet to do another post, so I've decided to add a little much needed structure as a prompt.

Introducing my first ever My Month in Pictures! Not so great pics from my phone, acting as a little reminder of the joy of the little things (and the big things!).

Old Haunting Grounds

I started the month off by visiting my old workplace Duke Studios to help them out with some work they need doing.

Never a dull moment, and of course lots of catching up with people who thought I might never make it back to the UK!


New(ish) Habits

I've always eaten a fairly meat free diet, but now I'm actively trying my best to have a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet, and it feels fab!

After watching a couple more documentaries, the environmental impacts of animal agriculture has really become quite disturbing to me and I'm determined to do what I can.

Also having been gifted these gorgeous Le Creuset pans from Liam's parents, cooking is honestly an absolute pleasure. I look forward to cooking (and eating!) every single meal these days. One pot meals like this hash are my favourite!


New Products

I welcomed the Off Cut Studs to the collection.

These tiny studs put to good use the waste left over when making the Sweep earrings, and their eco-friendly credentials proved pretty popular!


More Plant Purchases

The house is coming down with plants. Just how I like it!

This time my plant babies were purchased from Short Press, brand new Leeds based Lifestyle store.

As well as their own store in Burley, they are selling through Sheaf St Cafeteria in Duke Studios which makes it just too hard for me to resist when I'm in helping out!


Business Breakfast

I met up for Rebecca from Sunken Studio in Sheaf St Cafeteria and grabbed a coffee from my pals Grub & Grog.

We talked shapes, colour (aren't these samples gorgeous!), and potential collab.


Exciting Collab Coming

I sent off a parcel of bits to two lovely ladies in The Netherlands.

News on an exciting collab coming soon!

Pssst! It may may that I have some other photographs of my pieces other than ones of me!

@roosmol & @soniaperdeck



My First Webinar...Almost

I was ready for my HMRC webinar bright and early for 9am, armed with coffee and breakfast.

However, I had enrolled onto one that was totally irrelevant for me and more suited for the big guys who are VAT registered. 

Never-mind. I've got myself enrolled on a more appropriate one beginning of March.

The excitement of being a clueless sole trader... haha.


Keep it sparkling

I added my first ever jewellery care product to the store!

It may be simple, but it sure is effective in keeping your silver jewellery sparking longer.


My helper is back

My little kitty Olive is back from her long term stay at her Uncle Nestors.

Her favourite things are keeping watch on the street, playing with scrunched up tinfoil balls, and terrorising our feet in bed when we're trying to sleep.

She's the best.


Bake Off

I made my first ever sourdough loaf!

It was flat as a pancake, but the tastiest bread I've ever eaten!

I didn't measure the ingredients (opps), so I'm looking forward to investing in some scales and doing it proper next time because it's definitely worth the effort.

Here's the recipe I followed if you fancy giving it a go.


Flay Lay Failure

I came across Me & Orla's tip for taking great flat lays with hands in. She said to put your phone in your mouth...

Not quite the masterpiece. I think I need to work on perfecting that.


Clod came to visit

Poppy, of Clod came round to visit and work with Liam on some product shots.

We turned the house upside down, but we definately got some great pics (it helps when the products are already amazing!)

So much patterned goodness! Check out her shop and keep your eye out for new bits coming soon.


Set of Mugs

I said to Liam last year that I would love to have a real long row of handmade mugs, and after Poppy from Clods visit, I've two more handmade mugs than I've ever hand!

I've claimed the green one with the flat handle top. Point me in the direction of mugs I need in my life please!



Shop Local

I finally got round to trying a sweet treat from Saltaire based bakery, Edward St Bakery, and it did not disappoint.

I am really enjoying getting to know a new town and would love to hear any local reccomendations I should check out!


Ultimate Adulting

Hello sofa!

A proper, actual adult sofa that we bought. Well, on 0% finance, pay nothing for a year, which is even more adult!

Up until it came we were using the cushions from the van as a makeshift sofa, so now we're fully settled!

You know where you'll find me...

I'm hoping now I've broken the blog silence the next one will come a lot easier!

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