My Month in Pictures


A busy beginning to May has meant I'm late on posting my April dodgy phone pics photo blog, but here it is!

My photos weren't very exciting this month, but I was real busy beavering away at craft fair preparations, designing and building a display that I can easily drag around fairs near and far, which I deputed at Northern Craft over the weekend just gone.

Searlait McCrea Jewellery Radstudio Saltaire.jpg

Beginnings of a new blog series

In the beginning of the month I stopped by Radstudio (my most local stockist, only a couple of streets away from my house!) to ask the owner Gina some questions and take a few pictures for a blog post I made, that you can read here if you haven't already done so.

I hope to do a blog post every time I get a new stockist, but I have to admit I'm already a little behind on that task...

Here's one of the pictures that didn't make the final cut for the main blog post.

Searlait McCrea Off Cut Stud Earrings Set.jpg

Pretty Prizes

In March I celebrated reaching 2000 followers on my Instagram page by running a giveaway where one lucky winner and their friend, won a full set of the Off Cut earrings in every way they come.

That's 6 pairs, and 9 ways to wear in total!

I had loads of compliments on how pretty the full set is so expect to see this available as a product on the shop soon.

Searlait McCrea Blog

Packaging Poll

This month I asked my Instagram followers to take part in a poll to conclude once and for all whether people would prefer their jewellery to come in a cotton pouch, or a card jewellery box, and I am pleased to say the result was exactly what I wanted to hear, and cotton pouches were the obvious favourite.

Now the fun begins, and I'm in the process of researching printed fabric options to develop my own custom cotton packaging pouches for the future.

Searlait McCrea Jewellery Display Design Sketch

Display Design

With craft fair season approaching, and my first confirmed fair of the year set for 12th May (Northern Craft, Leeds), April was full steam ahead on display design and make.

I graduated from Leeds Arts University a few years ago with a degree in Furniture Making so this kind of thing is truly me in my element and I hope to work on larger 3D pieces again more frequently.



Searlait McCrea Three Create CNC Jewellery Display

Machine Mates

Working from your spare room with no 'workshop' space makes working on bigger items a little tricky, so I called upon the help of my friends Matt & Paul from Three Create to cut and assemble the MDF boxes for my tiered display.

If you are looking for a friendly Leeds/Yorkshire based company to put your 3D items into production, get in touch with these guys!

Searlait McCrea Seagulls Paint Leeds

Perfect Paint

Finally I got to visit Seagulls

Seagulls are another Leeds based company with many strings to their bow, but mainly they do good, reusing 'old' paint and re-selling in their shop. 

With prices starting from only £1, there's no reason to buy 'new' paint again as long as they're around! They even offer a colour matching service and amazingly matched these colours from the tiniest blocks of colour on my business cards.

I'm already thinking up the next project that means I get to go back and browse their endless shelves of pots!

Searlait McCrea Jewellery Display

Coming together nicely

After much filling, sanding, priming, and painting, the display was ready for a dry run, I was pleased as punch with how it turned out.

It was designed to be modular so each component can be moved around and the configuration can be simplified, or added to depending on the particular event I'm attending, and with growth in mind.

Searlait McCrea Awesome Merchandise Jewellery Packaging

Packaging Update

A very exciting delivery from Awesome Merchandise (another mighty Leeds based company) seen the arrival of the first of my new product backing cards.

As with all my branding, I designed these myself, and in keeping with my values of keeping things as simple as possible, I re-purposed an existing widely produced product (standard square business cards that you can get printed from pretty much any printers) to create the cards that will support all my earrings and my NEW brass pins.

Next on my 'To-Design' list is clever necklace holder cards, with the end goal to have a full set of packaging so each product is retail ready.

Searlait McCrea Jewellery Packaging

New Stockist

Packaging update done, I sent off a loads of pieces to Form Lifestyle Store, Manchester, my newest stockist!

I'm hoping to schedule in a visit soon to take some pictures for a blog post, but if anyone is Manchester based or planning a visit soon, pop in and send me a snap!

Searlait McCrea To-Do List

It aint pretty. But it's progress.

As the end of the month drew closer I was slowly getting through my mega 'To-Make' list in the run up to Northern Craft, and another craft fair in June that I got accepted to trade at.

I'm very excited as it will be my first London fair! Details coming very soon.

Searlait McCrea Jewellery Blog

Cute Cat

My little lady Olive took to sitting on my knee while I was making this month.

This is of no importance apart from being cute, and yes I am making in my pyjamas.

Searlait McCrea Jewellery Blog

Stock Take

I closed the door of my spare room/workspace before my holiday with an army of pieces ready and waiting for Northern Craft on my return, including the NEW brass pins you can just about see at the front here, that I'm real excited to share with you.

Searlait McCrea Jewellery

Hello Holiday

On the last day of the month I flew back home to Ireland for a long overdue family visit.

I'm feeling excited for the busy months to come and pleased with all I have achieved in April.

And that's it! Another month gone! This month has been satisfying, having ticked off a couple of big tasks from my mega 'To-Do' list, meaning I am now geared up for events with a proper set-up, and my packaging is becoming more retail friendly.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, if you want to find out more about some of the suppliers I've mentioned, or if you just want to say hi, you can leave a comment below, get me on any of my socials, or drop me an email to