My Month in Pictures


Hello April! March feels like it disappeared from under me without little happening, which is the exact reason I started this blog. To remind myself that I am actually chipping away at this little business of mines at my own pace, even if its terrifying how fast the last month has gone!

Here's some dodgy phone pics of moments from the month just gone.


Hello Spring

Oh wait... Most of us brought in the beginning of the month with a hefty layer of snow, and here in Saltaire was no exception.

It was a lovely start to the month seeing the beautiful Roberts Park covered in such thick snow.


New Spring Wardrobe

The above mentioned snow meant I spent the first week or so of the month with a hot water bottle slung around my neck, much to the amusement of Liam.


March Meet The Maker

My Instagram followers may have noticed that this year I gave Joanne Hawker's 'March Meet The Maker' Instagram challenge a go again, the month long challenge of daily prompts.

I started off so well, but then I completely dropped out of the game. I have to say though, I did keep it up much longer than last year, so maybe by next year I'll make it through the month!

It's a really great way to discover fellow indie businesses and the people behind them, and a great excuse to put yourself out of your comfort zone in terms of creating photos you might not normally share, which I can get on board with, because that's why I'm doing this blog feature!

If you missed it, you can still explore the hashtag to discover new makers.


New Stockists

Plenty of making was done at the beginning of the month as i worked on stock to send to two new stockists;

RAD Studio in Saltaire


Craft Centre & Design Gallery in Leeds

If you're near either and pop in for a nosey, I'd love to see some pictures!

I'll be posting separate posts on new stockists once I've popped in and taken some photos of my own!


Local Business

Talking of RAD Studio, this month I picked up some gorgeous flowers for Mother's Day from there, when fellow Saltaire dweller Sophie's Flowers held one of her pop-ups.

She actually lives on the very same street as me in the village as well which we discovered. Small world!


Clay Treats

I arranged a swap with one of my all time favourite creatives, Jode Pankhurst, and after being a long time admirer, I'm now the very proud owner of two gorgeous ceramic pieces by her, so expect them to feature heavily in my products shots from here on in.

If her name is new to you, definitely check out her website and give her a follow on Instagram.  



Over on Instagram I reached 2000 followers this month, and celebrated with a giveaway.

2000 may not seem like many followers to some, but it means the world to me to have so many people who care enough about what I'm up to to follow along.

If you're reading this and you already follow me, then Thank You!

If you don't already follow me, you can find me on @searlaitmccrea

Here's the behind the scenes shooting of my celebration photo. Who needs fancy photography set ups!


Old/New Things

Liam inherited a load of ace vintage film and photography equipment this month all in perfect working condition. Including a Super 8 camera, a couple of Super 8 film projectors, slide projectors, and a mountain of film and slides of his family, all shot by his beloved Grandad.

Being the photography man that Liam is, it feels very special to have all this stuff in our possession that so shaped his passion in life, so we've set a couple of pieces up pride of place in the living room...


Ta Do!

As a lover of vintage products and objects, having a working Super 8 film projector and slide projector pride of place is a dream, and the fact that we can project straight onto the opposite wall is perfect!

I'm going to source some Super 8 film and have a go at using the camera myself, because you really can't beat the beauty of analogue. 


Dodgy Selfies

Who's this dopey moonface lass?

Ignore the terrible photo of my face, and check out this new product!

This month I've been working on a small selection of Brass Pins that I'll be launching exclusively at Northern Craft on the 12th May at Northern Monk, Leeds, before general release to one and all online afterwards.

If you want to be the first to get your hand on the new pieces, get it in the diary!


Mega Make List

Speaking of Northern Craft, after finding out I was accepted to trade at their next fair at Northern Monk on Saturday 12th April, I sat down to make my 'To-Make' list and it's terrifying.

Wish me luck!


New Process

The flat sheet metal components for the Sweep & Arc earrings are now Laser Cut by an engineering company in Leeds.

Having previously run the laser cutting services at Duke Studios, Leeds in my role as Head of Making, I've become very appreciative of the precision of the process that very much appeals to my particular side.

Maybe one day I'll own my own laser cutter capable of cutting metal, but if you Google the price tag of those things, I don't think that will be any time soon...


Another New Stockist

You could call it perfect timing, but after receiving back my shiny laser cut components, I confirmed another new stockist who will be stocking those styles.

I'm looking forward to seeing my pieces in Form Lifestyle Store, Manchester in early April.

I'll keep you updated on that.


Hepworth Visit

I hopped on the train over to The Hepworth, Wakefield to visit the Print Fair, and to see the Anthony McCall: Solid Light Works exhibition.

I think it was the most intriguing and immersive exhibition I can remember visiting, so I would highly recommend it, and it's on until June so plenty of time.

I only took videos inside, so here's me looking happy outside by the bins.


Book Recomendation 

I've mostly been reading non-fiction of late, and Idaho by Emily Ruskovich is the first fiction book I've read in a while, and I well and truly got lost in it.

I love anything with whispers of psychology or sociology, and this tale of how two relationships intertwine over time, tangled by a terrible event, was just what I needed to re-ignite my love of novels exploring relationships.

I love anything that makes me think about why we think the way we do, so I'd love it if you hit me up with your recommendations!


Super Pals

My good friends The Grub & Grog Shop (Leeds) have joined forces with my old bosses Outlaws Yacht Club (Leeds) to create Eat Your Greens, a brand new eatery to Leeds.

As the name would suggest, this veg centered joint, as with everything The Grub and Grog Shop do, aims to serve up the tastiest grub that stays true to their values of sourcing local and organic produce that's in season, and serving it up like you've never seen it before.

I lent them a hand installing some window vinyls (shown here) ahead of them opening, and I'm very excited to say I'm going to be working there two days a week!


Prototype Packaging

I've very torn between wanting to create more substantial packaging for my pieces, and then turning against it as the minimalism of the packaging is very important to me and I hate the thought of producing and printing custom boxes, only for them to go in the bin (recycling bin of course), AND it would push P&P costs up for buyers, which I would like to avoid if possible.

I ordered some cream sample boxes, and they do look very slick I have to say, so I'm weighting up possibly offering them as an extra 'gift' wrapped option.

If anyone feels like sharing their feelings on how they'd feel about paying extra for a box, that would be very helpful to me!


Love Exhibition

I lent my pals Colours May Vary (Leeds) a hand in the shop, and took in the sights of the gorgeous current exhibition showcasing UK female illustrators, called Love.

Each artist responds to the theme of love in their own style, with 'humour, wit and honesty.'

It's only on until 15th April so not long to catch it!

If you feel compelled to comment on any of the above I would love to hear from you! Either comment here, drop me and email to, or message me on any of my socials.

I would especially LOVE to hear your thoughts on the packaging debate. Do I or don't I get custom boxes? Would you mind an increased P&P charge if you knew you got a fancy box? Does it put you off buying knowing you DON'T get a fancy box? Let me know!

Searlait McCrea